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Crossroads   has   been   host   to   many   famous   faces   over   the   years.   Here   is   just   a   sample   of   some   of   the   more   well   known   people   who   have   wandered through Kings Oak. Bob   Monkhouse    starred   as   himself   staying   at   the   motel   as   a   guest   on   the   18th August   1966,   arriving in   a   car   with   Joe   Loss   and   Billy   Wright.   Bob   was   one   of   ATV's   biggest   stars   at   that   time   hosting   its flagship   game   show,   The   Golden   Shot.   He   went   on   to   compare   the   very   first   programme   from Yorkshire   TV   in   1968,   and   also   hosted   numerous   other   quiz   shows   in   later   years   -   his   last   being Wipeout   for   BBC1.   Bob   liked   Crossroads   so   much   he   was   the   host   of   the   Variety   Club's   celebration   of the motel saga in 1980. Anthony   Steel    was   during   the   1940s   and   50s   a   "silver   screen   Icon"   of   classic   movies.   He   joined Crossroads   -   his   first   major TV   role   -   playing   con-man   Phillip   Warner-Blyth.   From   Crossroads   onwards he   starred   in   many   other   television   dramas   but   decided   to   retire   from   the   business   in   1984   while     Diane   Keen    played   the   motel   receptionist   Sandra   Gould   from   1969   to   1973.   Diane   has   since   gone onto   other   television   roles   including,   The   Sweeney   and   Taggart.   Drama   with   Minder,   Boon   and   A Touch Of Frost. She has also been a regular in BBC daytime soap Doctors. Malcolm   McDowell    played   Motel   PR   Consultant,   Crispin   Ryder,   the   son   of   Meg's   second   husband   Malcolm   -   who   tried   to   murder   the   motel   owner.   It was   McDowell's   first   television   role.   Since   those   black   and   white   days   at   Crossroads   in   the   late   1960s   he   went   onto   become   a   major   international movie star. His film credits are numerous and include A Clockwork Orange, If, The Raging Moon and Star Trek. Don   Henderson    is   no   doubt   best   remembered   for   his   long   running   role   of   detective   George   Bulman   across   three   separate   television   dramas.   He   also starred   opposite   former   EastEnders   actor   Leslie   Grantham   in   BBC   series,   The   Paradise   Club,   in   the   early   1990s.   Don   played   the   original   Ethan   Black in Crossroads in 1979 who was a private detective looking for conman Phillip Warner-Blyth. Ken   Dodd    was   the   most   famous   export   from   Knotty Ash   in   Liverpool,   Merseyside.   One   of   the   greatest   all   round   entertainers   in   Britain   with   a   career that   spanned   six   decades,   Doddy   has   been   described   as   the   last   great   variety   entertainers   who   continued   to   perform   his   life   stage   shows   up   until only   a   few   months   before   his   death.   In   the   1960s   he   became   a   popular   singer   and   comedian   on   television   hosting   his   own   series   for   the   BBC.   In   1967 he appeared as himself at the Crossroads Motel as a celebrity guest. Other later serious roles include a guest spot in BBC1's Doctor Who. In   1968,   fresh   from   drama   school,   Elaine   Paige    played   waitress   Caroline   Winthrop   from   episode   880   onwards.   The   storyline   saw   her   become   one   of Sandy's   many   girlfriends.   Elaine   became   a   noted   figure   in   the   theatre   circle   after   finding   fame   in   the   stage   show,   Hair.   Theatre   is   where   she   has spent   most   of   her   career,   although   pop   chart   fame   arrived   in   the   1980s   thanks   to   a   hit-song   from   the   musical   Chess   being   released.   She   has   also appeared   in   a   couple   of   movies   in   the   1970s.   Another   music   star   was   Carl   Wayne    who   appeared   as   Colin   the   village   milkman,   he   also   sung   in   the show. (More on that here .) He   was Alf   Roberts,   the   corner   shop   owner   for   over   25   years   in   Coronation   Street.   But   Bryan   Mosley    also   was   one   of   the   few   actors   to   appear   in   both Crossroads    and    Coronation    Street    at    the    same    time;    he    commuted    between    Birmingham    and Manchester.   Bryan   joined   Crossroads   in   episode   501   as   a   Spanish   hotel   owner   -   just   one   of   several parts   he   would   play   in   the   saga.   During   his   1960s   stint   at   the   motel   he   starred   alongside   his   future Weatherfield   wife   -   Sue   Nicholls.   Bryan   spoke   fondly   of   his   time   in   Crossroads   noting   in   his   memoirs that   it   saddened   him   that   the   programme   was   often   derided   and   that   he   remembered   it   with   great affection. Bob   Warman   is   a   man   of   many   regional   news   programmes.   In   April   2018   he   marked   45   years   in broadcasting. A   career   which   has   seen   him   as   a   presenter   on ATV   Today,   Central   News   and   Calendar News.   He   also   has   worked   as   a   breakfast   host   for   Yorkshire   Television   and   hosted   Miss   Yorkshire   at one   point.   He   became   a   networked   face   when   he   was   hired   as   the   new   host   of   classic   game   show, The   Price   Is   Right   for   Sky   Television.   Warman   appeared   as   himself   reporting   for   Central   News   when the Crossroads Motel staff walked out on strike. David   Jason    appeared   in   Crossroads   as   boxing   promoter,   and   part   time   gardener   at   the   motel,   Bernie   Kilroy.   His   love   of   plants   however   wasn't genuine   and   he   was   simply   getting   into   Meg's   good-books   in   order   to   rob   the   motel.   His   boxing   storyline   did   however   introduce   a   longer   running character   of   fighter   David   Cartwright   played   by   former   'porn   star'   John   Hamill.   David   spent   six   months   with   Crossroads,   before   fleeing   when   Meg discovered   his   ploy.   He   later   returned   for   two   weeks   a   reformed   Bernie   who   checked   back   in   at   the   motel   to   show   he'd   mended   his   ways.   David   went on to huge success in comedy with many BBC sitcoms including Open All Hours and Only Fools and Horses. Another   much   loved   comedy   star   was   Kathy   Staff   from   Mrs   Blewit   in   Open All   Hours   to   Nora   Batty   in   Last   Of   The   Summer   Wine   -   her   comic   roles   are numerous.   She's   also   appeared   in   other   ITV   sagas   Emmerdale,   Coronation   Street   and   Castle   Haven.   However   her   longest   running   serial   role   was   that of   cleaner   and   kitchen   assistant   Doris   Luke.   Staff   joined   the   series   in   1978   and   remained   on   contract   until   1985.   She   rejoined   the   show   in   2001   for   a year.   Kathy   had   also   appeared   in   the   soap   for   a   brief   stint   in   1971   as   Mrs   Dingwall   -   as   a   character   who   was   at   the   motel   to   arrange   her   daughter's wedding   reception.   Kathy,   although   spending   longer   in   Last   Of   The   Summer   Wine,   always   said   Crossroads   was   her   most   favourite   show   to   work   on and she never wanted to leave. Jimmy   Hanley    appeared   in   numerous   films   including   The   Blue   Lamp   which   later   spawned   BBC   drama,   Dixon   Of   Dock   Green.   Played   artist   and   old college   friend   of   Meg's   Jimmy   Gudgeon   in   Crossroads.   He   caused   Meg   blushes   when   he   apparently   painted   a   ‘nude’   of   her,   however   the   body   was   of someone   else.   Francessa   Gonshaw   became   a   regular   in   the   cast   of   BBC   sit-com   'Allo   'Allo   following   a   stint   in   Crossroads   as   Paul   Ross'   daughter   Lisa Walters.   Lynda   Baron    starred   in   the   soap   as   secretary,   Phoebe   Tompkins.   Phoebe   was   just   one   of   the   many   women   to   have   a   crush   on   motel   boss David   Hunter,   however   he   declined   her   offer   of   romance.   Baron   is   possibly   most   well-known   for   her   role   as   Nurse   Gladys   Emanuel   in   sitcom   Open All Hours - starring opposite Ronnie Barker. She has also starred in such other soaps as EastEnders, Coronation Street and Doctors. Sue   Nicholls    started   her   acting   career   on   Crossroads   in   1964   and   after   leaving   in   late   1969   went   on   to   many   other   television   hits.   From   shows   such as,   comedy   series,   The   Rise   And   Fall   Of   Reginald   Perrin   to   children's   slapstick   with   Rentaghost   and   finally   in   1979   ITV   serial   Coronation   Street   - where   she   still   appears   as   Audrey   Roberts.   At   the   motel   she’ll   forever   be   Marilyn   Gates   the   ‘tarty’ waitress with a heart of gold. Carmen   Sylvera    starred   in   two   Peter   Ling   and   Hazel   Adair   soaps:   Compact   and   Crossroads.   In   the BBC   soap   she   played   Camilla   Hope.   In   Crossroads   she   was   Mrs   Burnley   a   motel   guest   who   appeared several   times.   After   Crossroads   she   moved   to   comedy   with   a   small   role   in   sitcom   Dads   Army   before becoming a regular in the long running BBC1 comedy, 'Allo 'Allo. Larry   Grayson   is   a   star   name   who   first   came   to   television   screens   on   ATV's   entertainment   series Saturday   Variety.   Larry   proved   such   a   hit   with   viewers ATV   gave   him   his   own   series,   Shut   That   Door, which   ran   for   two   series   before   he   switched   to   LWT   in   1974   and   hosted   a   number   of   comedy   shows including    The    Larry    Grayson    Show    and    Larry    Grayson's    Hour    of    Stars.    During    his    time    with independent television he made numerous appearances in Crossroads. Firstly   in   1972   he   played   himself.   Grayson,   while   supposedly   doing   a   theatre   show   in   Birmingham   stayed   at   the   Crossroads   Motel   -   and   found   the whole   experience   terrible.   However   he   forgave   Meg   for   the   Ferret   in   his   chalet   and   returned   for   the   Christmas   Special   where   he   starred   as   'Santa'   at the motel fancy dress festive party. In 1975 he returned as the wedding chauffeur at Meg and Hugh's wedding. In   1978   he   switched   to   the   BBC   where   he   took   over   as   host   of   popular   The   Generation   Game   from   Bruce   Forsyth.   Grayson   stayed   with   the   show   for five   years.   Noele   Gordon   appeared   on   "Laz's   Gen   Game"   twice,   they   also   starred   a   couple   of   times   next   to   each   other   on   Terry   Wogan   fronted   quiz Blankety   Blank.   Larry   semi-retired   from   show   business   in   the   mid-1980s,   opting   to   appear   on   chat   shows   and   the   odd   special,   such   as   the   Royal Variety Performance in 1995 where he made his final appearance. Jean   Furgusson    is   most   famous   for   her   role   of   Marina,   the   elderly   tart,   in   BBC   sitcom   Last   Of   The   Summer   Wine.   Furgusson   played   Marina   -   forever chasing   a   married   man   -   between   1985   and   2010.   Back   in   the   1970s   she   played   Caroline   Herbert   in   Crossroads   a   former   lover   of   Roy   Mollison   who   was far   from   pleased   he'd   dumped   her   for   Sheila   Harvey.   Jean   went   onto   make   small   appearances   in   Granada's   Coronation   Street   in   1987   and   2010   while     Jeffrey   Holland   turned   up   in   Crossroads   a   month   after   making   his   television   debut   in   BBC   police   drama   Dixon   of   Dock   Green,   Holland   was   signed   on a six week contract to appear in as Jeffrey himself says on his website "Eleven episodes of the hugely popular ATV soap." Probably   not   surprising   when   you   consider   he   is   a   Midlander   by   birth.   He   joined   the   cast   as   Mike   Hawkins,   a   friend   of   Crossroads'   regulars   Sheila   and Roy   Mollison   and   market   fruit   stall   holder.   His   site   states.   Holland   recalls   that   his   storyline   saw   him   acting   as   a   go   between   for   his   friends   and   a runaway   boy.   Jeffrey   recalls   "I   went   to   the   motel   for   some   coffee   and   was   never   seen   again."   He   has   appeared   in   numerous   programmes   since, including BBC sitcoms Hi-Di-Hi, Oh Doctor Beeching and You Rang M'Lord? Jon   Finch   featured   as   Gareth   Leyton   in   the   Midland   soap,   the   brother   of   Cliff   Leyton   played   by   Johnny   Briggs.   Jon   went   onto   many   other   film   and TV   roles.   From   The   New Avengers   to Agatha   Christie's   Death   on   the   Nile   and   ITC's   Hammer   House   Of Horror   TV   series.   Duncan   Goodhew    was   an   Olympic   gold   and   bronze   medallist   at   the   1980   Summer Olympics   in   Moscow.   He   appeared   as   himself   in   the   soap   when   opening   the   brand-new   motel   leisure centre   in   episode   4,216   and   of   course   Steven   Pinder    first   appeared   on   our   TV   screens   in   1982   in   a short   drama   series   called   Foxy   Lady.   His   next   major   role   was   as   Roy   Lambert   in   the   revamped Crossroads   from   1985   to   1988.   In   1990   he   joined   the   cast   of   Brookside   where   he   remained   as   Max Farnham until it was axed in 2003. From   Z-Cars   to   The   Sweeney   and   The   Professionals   to   Blake's   7,   Judy   Matheson    was   a   popular television   and   movie   face.   Spent   time   in   Crossroads   as   Hugh   Mortimer's   secretary,   Vicky   Lambert, who   also   went   on   to   have   a   romance   with   Sandy   Richardson.   Hugh   -   who   moved   his   secretary   into his   cottage,   much   to   the   charring   of   wife   Meg   -   also   tried   to   make   a   pass   at   Vicky   but   suffered   a heart   attack   in   the   process.   He   begged   her   not   to   tell   anyone. After   Crossroads   Judy   worked   for TVS as an announcer, and later joined Sky Television’s presenting team. Vincent   Ball    started   his   television   acting   career   in   the   UK   on   Peter   Ling   and   Hazel   Adair's   BBC   soap   Compact   before   moving   over   to   Crossroads   as motel   manager   Kevin   McCarther.   Meg   met   Kevin   while   on   holiday   in   Spain.   He   thoguht   she   was   rich,   she   thought   he   was   rich.   And   a   small   romance bloomed.   It   turned   out   that   he   wasn't   rich   and   she   wasn't   as   well   off   as   he   thought.   Still   they   became   good   friends   and   Meg   invited   Kevin   to   oversee her   motel.   Ball   later   returned   home   to   Australia   and   became   a   regular   in   Australian   dramas   and   serials   including   The   Young   Doctors,   A   Country Practice and most recently - aged 90 - in Home & Away. Crossroads   was   the   first   of   many   'soap'   roles   for   Hilda   Braid.    Playing   Winnie   Plumbtree   the   kitchen   hand   she   is   most   famously   remembered   by   fans   of the   serial   for   causing   chaos   in   the   kitchen   when   she   somehow   managed   to   blow   up   the   motel   dishwasher   and   flooded   part   of   the   motel   in   1977.   She went   on   to   star   in   Emmerdale,   Brookside   and   almost   18   years   after   her   Brookside   stint   she   returned   to   soapland   in   2002   -   as   Victoria   "nana"   Moon   -   in EastEnders where she won the hearts of the viewers and became one of the BBC serials' most loved actresses of the decade. Shaw   Taylor    stayed   as   a   guest   at   Crossroads.   Shaw   was   a   mainstay   presenter   at   ITV,   fronting   groundbreaking   crime   series   Police   Five   for   the network. The   series   founded   by ATV   in   the   sixties.   He   also   fronted   many   local   programmes   for ATV   in   the   1950s   and   60s   for   both ATV   London   and ATV Midlands.   In   the   1980s   Police   Five   helped   found   criminal   appeal   help   line   CrimeStoppers   which   still   runs   today,   despite   the   TV   versions   no   longer airing.   Shaw   also   voiced   documentaries   and   narrated   clip   series   for   ITV.   Taylor   recently   starred   in   a   spoof   radio   version   of   the   motel   soap   in   2007. His catchphrase is "Keep 'em Peeled" which he reprised for Channel 5 in 2014 when the broadcaster revived Police 5. Another   well   known   actor   that   went   on   to   appear   in   the   motel   soap   was   Tony Adams.    Tony   was   more   famous   when   joining   Crossroads   for   his   role   as Doctor   Neville   Bywaters   in ATV's   drama   series   General   Hospital.   He   is   also   a   cult   thanks   to   starring   in   BBC   Science   fiction   drama   Doctor   Who   and   has more   recently   starred   in   The   Grimley's,   The   Upper   Hand   and   BBC   daytime   soap   opera,   Doctors.   Joe   Loss    was   the   youngest   son   of   a   Russian   furniture maker,   he   attended   the   same   London   school   as   Lew   Grade.   Loss   created   his   first   band   in   1930   and   from   then   onwards   The   Joe   Loss   Orchestra,   with Joe at the helm, were still performing well into the 1980s. He appeared as himself in the series alongside Bob Monkhouse and Billy Wright in 1966. Kate   Robbins    reached   number   2   in   the   UK   pop   charts   thanks   to   Crossroads   with   the   song,   More   Than   In   Love   which   she   performed   in   the   series.   She went   on   to   become   one   of   the   main   voice   performers   in   comedy   puppet   show   Spitting   Image   for   Central   TV,   and   later   fronted   her   own   ITV   sketch show   in   1988   while   Arthur   Pentelow   turned   up   in   Kings   Oak   in   January   1965   as   'The   President'   in   episode   54,   part   of   the   scenes   involving   the Army Court   trial   of   Philip   Winter   (Malcolm   Young).   No   doubt   the   popular   actor   will   be   fondly   remembered as the character of Mr Wilkes in Emmerdale Farm. Sue   Lloyd    is   an   actress   who   appeared   in   what   has   become   known   now   as   the   'classic   era'   of television.   Featuring   in   cult   ITC   classics   such   as   camp   detective   series   Department   S,   action   thrillers The   Saint   and   The   Persuaders.   And   that   is   just   a   handful…   Lloyd   played   the   divine   Barbara   Brady who   became   Mrs   Hunter   in   the   motel   series   when   she   married   the   dishy   David   in   1980.   Sue appeared   in   the   midland   soap   between   1979   and   1985.   Jean   Kent    first   appeared   as   Jennifer   Lamont in   1982,   the   snobby   wife   of   garage   boss   Reg   in   Crossroads.   She   had   been   a   major   film   and   television actress for many years before. He   may   be   most   fondly   remembered   for   his   role   in   the   long-running   television   sit-com,   Don't   Wait Up,   however   Tony   Britton    has   a   wide   range   of   film   and   television   credits   that   span   many   decades   - From   sitcom   Robin's   Nest   to   drama   series   Holby   City.   For   those   who   like   TV   facts,   Tony   is   the   father of television presenter, Fern Britton. He played himself in Crossroads, boarding at the motel while in pantomime in Birmingham at Christmas 1966. Jacqueline   Pirie    is   famous   for   her   roles   in   two   other   big   serials.   She   spent   two   years   in   Emmerdale   as   Tina   Dingle   from   1994,   before   switching   to Weatherfield   in   1998   where   she   hooked   up   with   factory   boss   Mike   Baldwin   (played   by   other   Crossroads   actor   Johnny   Briggs).   She   made   her   first   TV acting   appearance   in   Crossroads,   aged   only   11.   Ronald   Allen    was   a   well-known   actor   long   before   Crossroads   with   roles   in   classic   Doctor   Who, Dangerman   and   The   Avengers.   After   nearly   16   years   Ronald   left   Crossroads   behind   and   went   onto   make   more   drama   in   1989   on   BBC   crime   series Bergerac, and had a recurring role in Channel 4's comedy, The Comic Strip Presents. Derek   Farr    played   Timothy   Hunter,   brother   of   David,   in   the   1970s.   Timothy   was   always   'on   the   take'   borrowing   money   from   people,   including   Meg. He   was   left   distraught   in   1972   when   a   car   he   should   have   been   driving   crashed   -   leaving   Meg's   son   Sandy   unable   to   walk.   The   character   suffered   a stroke   in   1978   and   wasn't   seen   again.   Derek   had   been   a   well   respected   film   actor   since   the   1930s   and   continued   to   act   until   his   death   in   1986. Andrew   Ray   was   the   son   of   1950s   radio   celebrity Ted   Ray, Andrew   played   Howard   Coates   in   the ATV   motel   saga.   Ray   was   in   much   demand   during   the 1970s   and   80s   making   many   more   television   and   movie   appearances,   these   include   parts   in Anglia   Television's   thrillers   Tales   Of   The   Unexpected,   BBC police drama Dixon Of Dock Green, LWT's period drama Upstairs Downstairs and Central TV's crime drama Inspector Morse. Arthur   Marshall    appeared   as   himself   at   the   motel   in   1983,   Arthur   most   famous   for   his   role   as   a   captain   on   BBC   daytime   game   show,   Call   My   Bluff. Arthur   booked   into   the   motel   for   a   quiet   Easter   break,   talking   to   Jill   Chance   (Jane   Rossington)   about   his   famous   television   role.   He   appeared   in   the soap after noting it was his favourite programme and would love a part on it - Central gladly obliged. Another   actress   that   turned   to   comedy   in   Last   Of The   Summer   Wine.   Jane   Freeman    played   Ivy,   the   café   owner   in   the   series.   Jane   was   the   character of   Emily   Burrell   in   Crossroads   -   a   friend   of   farmer   Ed   Lawton,   the   uncle   of   regular   Diane   Parker   while   Wendy   Padbury    played   the   14-year-old   Stevie Harris   when   she   was   17   for   a   year.   Wendy   later   went   on   to   find   fame   in   BBC   Sci-fi   drama   series,   Doctor   Who.   Godfrey   Winn   was   a   one-time   well- known   author,   and   journalist,   who   also   presented   political   programmes   for   ITV.   He   appeared   in   the   soap   twice.   The   first   time   to   interview   'Meg Richardson' for an ATV programme! Sandy   Ratcliff    is   best   know   in   more   recent   times   for   her   role   as   Sue   Osman   in   EastEnders.   Sandy   appeared   in   Crossroads   as   Barbara   Parker,   the   30- years   younger   wife   of   series   regular   Vince   Parker’s   (Peter   Brookes)   dad.   While   Vince   and   his   father   didn’t   get   on,   he   did   become   close   to   his   step- mother.   Possibly   too   close…   Terence   Rigby    became   the   new   motel   owner   Tommy   Lancaster   in   early   1987.   Has   been   seen   in   many   dramas   before   and since   the   soap,   these   include   the   BBC's   Lovejoy,   ITV's   Midsomer   Murders   and Thames Television's   Van   Der   Valk   and   Johnny   Briggs   appeared   as   Clifford Leyton   who   walked   into   the   motel   in   1973   and   wooed   Diane   Parker.   Clifford   was   the   owner   of   a   taxi company   and   later   invested   in   the   Crossroads   Garage.   He   also   was   involved   in   several   other schemes   including   a   rather   iffy   casino.   He   left   in   1975   and   then   Johnny   took   on   a   role   as   Mike Baldwin   in   Coronation   Street   -   here   he   stayed   for   30   years.   Johnny   has   also   appeared   in   numerous films including On The Buses and 633 Squadron. Stan   Stennett    was   a   jazz   musician   who   also   turned   his   hand   to   acting   and   comedy.   He   played   Hilda Ogden's   brother   in   classic   Coronation   Street   and   has   since   continued   acting,   appearing   in   Doctors, Heartbeat   and   Casualty.   Stan   first   appeared   in   Crossroads   -   his   first   serial   -   in   1970   playing   GI   Harry Silver   who   was   on   the   run   from   the   law.   He   ended   up   being   sent   to   prison   for   20   years   after   holding Tish   Hope   and   Bernard   Booth   hostage   with   a   toy   gun.   He   returned   to   the   show   in   1982   playing garage   mechanic   Sid   Hooper   for   seven   years.   Max   Wall    was   born   in   1908   and   grew   up   to   become   of of   Britain's   best   loved   music   hall   artists   during   the   1920s   and   30s.   His   career   spanned   almost   70 years   and   one   of   his   final   regular   TV   appearances   was   that   of   Walter   Soper,   cousin   of   Arthur Brownlow and friend of Sid Hooper at the Crossroads motel. A   household   name   in   the   1950s   and   1960s   Richard   Thorp    became   a   ‘telly   heartthrob’   thanks   to   his   role   in ATV’s   Emergency   Ward   Ten   medical   saga. Richard   also   had   a   stint   in   Crossroads   during   the   1970s   as   a   love   interest   of   regular   hairdresser   Vera   Downend.   Thorp's   Crossroads   character   was   a sailor   so   he   was   able   to   come   and   go   freely   from   the   series   for   long   spells   -   making   his   last   appearance   in   1976   following   a   disagreement   over   repeat fees.   In   1982   he   joined Yorkshire Television   as Alan Turner   in   their   dales   based   serial   Emmerdale.   He   became   one   of   the   longest   surving   actors   on   the show up until his death in 2013. Gretchen   Franklin    was   Myrtle   Cavendish   in   Crossroads,   the   second   wife   of   Wilf   Harvey   -   yes   Jill's   mother-in-law!   Sadly   Myrtle   eventually   died, leaving   Wilf   heartbroken.   But   leaving   Crossroads   turned   out   to   be   a   good   move   for   Gretchen   -   she   will   be   forever   one   of   the   EastEnders   legends   - Ethel   Skinner.   She'd   had   previous   serial   experience   in   Yorkshire   Television's   Castle   Haven   in   1969.   Jess   Conrad   starred   as   Philip   Bailey   in   1978. Following   the   death   of   his   wife   at   the   motel   his   character   turns   up   looking   for   answers.   During   the   1950s   and   60s   Jess   was   a   popular   pop   singer, before   turning   to   acting.   Some   of   his   hit   songs   include,   Pretty   Jenny,   This   Pullover   and   Cherry   Pie.   Conrad   has   also   had   a   successful   stage   career performing   in   musicals.   In   the   1990s   he   became   a   regular   'special   guest'   on   Jim   Davidson's   Generation   Game.   He’s   most   recently   been   seen   back   on prime time TV in Last Laugh In Vegas. Frank   Middlemass    featured   as   a   guest   at   the   motel   in   the   late   1980s,   had   a   long   and   varied   stage   and   television   career.   He   became   a   regular   on   BBC sitcom   As   Time   Goes   By   and   other   notable   programmes   include;   Yorkshire   TV's   sitcom   Only   When   I   Laugh   and   BBC   satirical   comedy,   Yes,   Prime Minister   while   Miriam   Margolyes      and   Jacqueline   Holborough   both   featured   in   Crossroads.   The   two   famous   faces   are   related   by   plot.   Holborough played   Shirley   Perkins,   a   character   in   the   series   from   1966   until   1969.   Originally   Shirley   was   a   friend   of   Penny   Richardson   -   (niece   of   Meg   Richardson) who was later 'adopted' by the Jarvis family after Shirley's dad became a drunk and her mum tried to rob the motel. Shirley   Perkins   later   became   a   nurse   after   leaving   Kings   Oak   school   and   nursed   Vince   the   postman   through   his   temporary   blindness   after   Meg's   car accident.   Vince   dumped   Shirley   for   Diane   when   he   recovered.   Shirley   went   off   with   Diane's   former   lover   Marcus   the   local   antique   dealer   and   was seen   only   one   or   two   more   times   after   that   in   the   early   1970s.   Jacqueline   Holborough   is   now   a   playwright.   The   wanna-be-robber   and   Shirley's mother   was   played   by   renowned   actress   Miriam   Margolyes.   Gian   Sammarco    is   best   known   for   his   role   as   Adrian   Mole,   Gian   played   a   teenage troublemaker   who   was   staying   at   the   motel   with   his   aunt   and   uncle   in   Crossroads.   Quite   a   change from   his   geeky   Mole   image. As   Jason   Hathaway   he   terrorised   Benny's   dog   Moses   -   and   Benny   didn't take kindly to that. Stephen   Hancock    is   another   one   of   those   actors   who   departed   Kings   Oak   for   Weatherfield.   He went   on   to   Coronation   Street   where   he   played   Ernie   Bishop,   Emily's   husband   who   was   shot   and killed   during   an   armed   robbery   at   the   clothing   factory.   Dawn   Addams    was   a   one-time   major   film star   who   appeared   in   Crossroads   for   a   week   during   1978   as   the   mother   of   Vicky   Lambert   -   who   was played   by   another   busy   film   star   of   the   time,   Judy   Matheson.   Her   final   television   role   was   in   the 1981 BBC serial, Triangle. Dee   Hepburn    joined   the   Crossroads   cast   in   1985   to   play   the   motel's Anne-Marie   Wade.   More   famous for   the   1981   film,   Gregory's   Girl.   Don   McLean    is   best   known   as   the   presenter   on   BBC   Radio   Two's Good   Morning   Sunday   programme   for   many   years.   He   made   his   acting   debut   in   Crossroads   back   in 1965   and   Wee   Georgie   Wood    appeared   as   himself   in   the   series,   again   a   famous   face   that   simply   stayed   at   the   motel.   Georgie   was   part   of   a   once famous   double   act.   Between   1917   and   1953   Georgie   Wood   appeared   with   his   stage   mother   Dolly   Harmer   in   many   variety   stage   shows   and pantomimes. Billy   Wright   was   a   former   England   football   player,   and   later   Head   of   Sport   at ATV,   he   appeared   as   himself   at   the   motel   alongside   Joe   Loss   and   Bob Monkhouse.   Fred   Feast    went   into   Coronation   Street   as   barman   Fred   Gee   the   hard   done   by   cellar   hand. After   leaving   'The   Street'   he   went   on   to   spent three years in All Creatures Great And Small. Are   You   Being   Served?   actor   Trevor   Bannister   appeared   as   twins   Ken   and   Keith   Willets   in   1974.   Using   blue   screen   -   and   some   very   rarely   allowed   on Crossroads   video   editing   -   Trevor   was   able   to   appear   on   screen   as   both   characters   at   the   same   time.   One   storyline   saw   his   character   Keith   become involved   with   a   ‘dodgy’   casino   which   Clifford   Layton   (actor   Johnny   Briggs)   was   also   concerned   with.   The   pair   of   cheeky   brothers,   who   were travelling   showmen,   also   tried   to   con   the   motel   by   only   paying   the   one   occupancy   rate,   pretending   they   were   the   same   person   rather   than   pay   the two to a chalet rate. They swiftly left Kings Oak when owner Meg Richardson (Noele Gordon) sussed them out. Barry   Evans    starred   as   Trevor   Wood   in   Crossroads   but   went   onto   huge   success   in   comedy   series   Doctor   In   The   House   and   a   number   of   movies   while Clifford   Davis,    better   known   as   a   radio   and   television   broadcaster,   has   appeared   in   various   television   programmes   and   films.   He   checked   into   the motel as himself. Liz   Smith   also   had   a   stint   at   the   motel   in   the   1970s   -   although   currently   the   archive   isn't   forthcoming   with   any   information   on   her   time   in   Kings   Oak currently,   while   actor   Warren   Clarke    made   a   single-episode   appearance   back   in   1966   as   a   hospitality   officer   on   a   London-bound   train.   The   storyline saw   some   of   the   regulars,   notably   Diane   Lawton   (Susan   Hanson),   heading   to   the   capital   on   the   train.   John   Challis ,   best   know   for   his   role   as   Boycie   in Only   Fools   and   Horses,   informs   us   he   also   appeared   in   Crossroads   as   a   ‘photographer’   in      a   couple   of   episodes   circa   1974.   If   you   have   any   information on John or Liz’s roles we’d love to hear from you .
Famous Faces at the Motel