From Reg Watson to Yvon   Grace,   the   people   who brought Crossroads to life.
A    look    at    Peter    Ling    and Hazel    Adair,    the    duo    who devised   the   world   of   Kings Oak and Crossroads Motel.
Theme   tune   composer   Tony Hatch   takes   us   on   a   wander through    the    history    of    the Crossroads theme music.
Signs    and    logos.    How    the motel     stood     out     on     the motorway of serial.
The    big    stars    of    showbiz who   checked   into   the   motel either      before      or      after becoming household names.
From     chart     hits     to     cast albums,    the    motel    was    a hive   of   singing   talent   in   the 60s and 70s…
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Quotes   and   comments   about Crossroads.
A   look   behind   the   scenes   of the   production   with   reports and       stories       from       the studios.
Opening    titles    across    the years    and    how    Crossroads branded itself on-screen.
From   the   Central   Television archives,   a   look   back   to   the script   of   episode   one   from 1964.
A    collection    of    documents from   the   archives   featuring press          office          items, newspaper       reports       and magazine articles