Welcome   to   the   fan   club   photo   gallery.   Click   on   the   images   below   for   a   selection   of   photographs   from   the   ATV   Network,   Central   Television   and   Carlton Production eras of Crossroads ranging from 1964 to 2003.
Episodic Photography  This gallery contains a selection of scenes and moments from across Crossroads in all its incarnations.  See everything from the big weddings to everyday goings on in the motel and down in Kings Oak.
Promotional Pictures This gallery brings some of the promotional images taken across the series. See the cast posing for their publicity stills.
Group Photographs From generic cast photo-calls to those big celebratory photos taken over the years, again all eras of the serial are covered. From the 500th episode poses to the final ‘glam era’ gathered cast promotions.
Behind The Scenes Photos A collection of images taken showing Crossroads in production. From studio shots of the sets in ATV Centre to recording episodes out on location.
Many pictures seen here have been kindly provided by the Central Television Press Office, ITC Entertainment Archive, PolyGram-ATV Television, Carlton Television and more recently the Granada International Archive (ITV Archive) picture department via James Feltham. However, sadly, many ATV and Central era photographs were accidentally destroyed in the late 1990s when the ATV Centre closed in Birmingham, so our search for more Crossroads photography is an ongoing quest. If you have a picture from the series, preferably from a negative or issued publicity photograph, please feel free to contact us with more details so we can add it to the collection to preserve the heritage of the programme. ATV (eye symbol), Central and Carlton Television logos are the property of ITVplc. Crossroads is the copyright of ITVplc / Peter Ling / Hazel Adair. While we have happily co-operated with ITV Archive we are not affiliated with the company. See our legal page for further details.