Welcome   to   the   Crossroads   Motel'   website,   the   home   of   the   long   running   fan club for the ATV, Central and Carlton serial Crossroads. The   show   ran   on   television   in   the   UK   from   1964   to   1988   and   a   new   version   of the   series   aired   from   2001-2003.   The   club   was   endorsed   with   official   status   by Central   and   co-creator   Peter   Ling.   In   2006   the   fan   club   online   source   was noted   as   the   7th   best   classic   TV   site   by   the   Sunday   Mercury   Newspaper,   high praise indeed… 'Crossroads'   revolved   around   the   village   of   Kings   Oak,   near   Birmingham,   and the   main   location   of   the   Crossroads   Motel.   While   Crossroads,   the   UK's   first   full- length    daily    soap,    wasn't    much    liked    by    many critics,   the   show   reached   up   to   18   million   viewers at   its   peak   and   became   an   award   winning   daytime serial. In    fact,    to    date,    the    saga    is    Britain's    most successful   ITV   weekday   daytime   programme   in   over sixty years of UK commercial broadcasting.
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Find out about Crossroads Care and how   the   television   serial   founded, with     ATV     Network,     the     major charity. Read More…
The   Crossroads Appreciation   Society   is   the   Central   Television   fan   club   for   the   long   running   serial   ‘Crossroads’.   The   fan   club   was   endorsed   by   rights   holder   Central   Enterprises   and co-Creator   and   co-copyright   holder   Peter   Ling   on   behalf   of   Ling   and Adair. The   lead   patron   of   the   society   is   Jane   Rossington,   who   appeared   in   the   programme   for   over   twenty   years. Crossroads is the copyright of Central Television (now ITV Central / ITVplc) /Peter Ling/Hazel Adair. This website is not in anyway affiliated with ITVplc / ITV Archive. The website and archive is operated by ATV Network Limited in association with the Noele Gordon Estate. Archive   material   featured   on   this   website   is   courtesy   of   the   ATV/Central/Carlton   libraries.   Addition   material   is   courtesy   of   Central   Enterprises,   ITC   Entertainment/Polygram,   ITV Image Archive via James Feltham and crew including Alan Coleman and Reg Watson. CAS makes no profit and all fund-raising events are for the serials’ charity, Crossroads Care. A full legal section can be found here . Copyright CAS 2018 .
There   are   a   number   of   ways   you   can   connect   with   the   Fan Club.   We   don’t   charge   a   membership   fee   as   all   membership   is now   done   via   Facebook.   Simply   join   the   CAS   page   over   on Facebook to become a member. If   you   want   to   talk   Crossroads   but   not   join   the   club we   have   a   motel   fan   page   on   Facebook   and   you can   keep   up   to   date   with   fan   club   news   on   our Twitter feed.
The   Crossroads   Years   section   takes a   year-by-year   look   at   all   the   big storylines    from    the   ATV    years    of the show from 1964 to 1981. Read More…
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