A collection of articles and information pages looking at the series.

The story from the days of ATV, via Central Television and finally the Carlton years. A look in much more detail at the production of Crossroads in each of its decades on the air. Crossroads Care, Caring for Carers, is the charity started by ITV and ATV back in the seventies, it still runs today.

We go back to 1963 and the opening of the Crossroads Motel in Kings Oak village to chart the historyy of the motel.

The history of Kings Oak Village and the surrounding areas including Heathbury and Castlewich.

Where did ATV and Central Television record scenes? Here we look at the key recording locations for Crossroads.

The main motel management and staff over the original run.

A look at the ratings for Crossroads, including the first week on air in the Midlands to the final episode in 1988.

We answer questions asked and look at ‘myths’ made about the serial over the years.

A look at the ground-breaking serial and some of the facts from the long-running saga.

Did you buy the board game? Complete the jigsaw or watch the VHS? All these and more…

A look at the episodes released on DVD from the four general releases to the 21 ‘archive releases’