Tony Adams took some time to answer some questions about his time as Adam Chance on Crossroads and his thoughts on the 40 years since the motel saga first aired.

What do you think Adam got up to during 1988-2001?

Adam went to South Africa to see his brother Andrew who owns a vineyard and worked with him, learning the wine trade. Adam eventually decided to return to the UK and used his newfound skills to start a new career as a wine supplier.

What was your opinion of Crossroads “series three (2003)”, much has been said of the time slot it was given, particularly since it was apparently targeting an audience it couldn’t get, but was such a massive revamp in the way it happened helpful to Crossroads’ cause?

I don’t think Crossroads MK 3 did much to help the Crossroads cause. I personally loved it and never missed an episode. The time slot did the show no favours, neither did the title “Crossroads“. Fans of the original tuned in hoping for more of the same and the new show did not appeal to them. The sort of people who would have enjoyed the new format would not have watched it because they thought it was going to be like the old show. A no-win situation!

Do you keep in contact with ex-cast members?

Yes. I worked with Jane Rossington this Christmas in “Peter Pan” at the Grand Theatre in Wolverhampton which was great fun and I regularly speak to Kathy Staff. I also keep in touch with Lynette McMorrough, Sue Hanson, Sue Lloyd and Paul Henry.

Tony Adams

What was it like to work with Noele Gordon?

Wonderful. She was a great lady.

What was Adam’s 2003 storyline to be and how long were you contracted for?

Angel Samson meets Adam in a church. He is dishevelled, dirty and very much down on his luck. They start talking and Angel takes him back to the hotel, he cleans himself up and she takes him under her wing. She gives him money, provides him with Armani clothes and consults him on absolutely everything. He becomes her personal “guru”.

Were you sent any un-filmed scripts of your proposed 2003 storyline?

No, I just had a meeting with Yvon Grace where the storyline was explained to me.

What are your opinions of the 2003 axing?

I was devastated. My partner and I used to video the show every day and watch it at about 7 p.m. with a pre-dinner drink! We never missed an episode. It was glamorous, fun, at times hysterically funny and the cast was brilliant. If it had been put on as a completely new show called “The Samsons”, with a better time slot, I think it would have been an enormous success.

What is your favourite storyline from the original Crossroads?

My favourite storyline has to be Adam and Jill’s honeymoon in Venice.

What are your favourite TV shows?

I don’t watch much television but I love Ant and Dec’s shows, Stars in their Eyes, any holiday programme, A place in the sun, Location Location and I miss Blind Date!

What are your plans for the future?

At the moment (2004) I am rehearsing to take over as Grandpa Potts in “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” at the London Palladium on a long contract, so I think that will keep me very busy for the next few months!

What would be your dream role on stage, film or TV?

Anything set on a luxury private motor yacht! I used to have my own yacht charter business, which regrettably I sold a long time ago, and boats are my passion!

Do you visit any of the Crossroads Internet sites such as Crossroads 2001 or The Crossroads Appreciation Society?

Not personally, because I am not computer literate at all, but my partner has visited all of them and keeps me up to date with what’s going on.

What is your favourite music?

I have no particular favourite. I just love music of all types, classical, modern, pop, jazz. My favourite music radio station is Classic FM.

What are your favourite films?

Any Bond film and “Pretty Woman”…

What are your favourite memory/memories of your time in Crossroads 2001/2?

It was great to be working on television again. The studios were wonderful, the staff were like one big happy family and I loved going in to work, as did my Jack Russell “Ryan”, now sadly no longer with me, who was treated like royalty by everyone. It was a very happy time.

Much has been said about how New Crossroads failed to build on the past and facts/continuity/style/feel of Old Crossroads and was, to all intents and purposes, not “Crossroads as we remember it”. How would you respond to that?

I think Crossroads 2001 did build on the old Crossroads – it had a similar style and feel to it, but it was still axed. The third attempt had to be completely different and as I have said before in this interview, this should also have included a name change.

Tony Adams

What did you think of Jill’s murder and Adam’s madness?

I don’t think Jill was really murdered, they never found a body. As to Adam’s madness – not one of my favourite storylines and the scripts were a nightmare to learn! Also working in that crypt was not exactly a pleasant experience!

Do you have any memories of having to improvise or change the prepared script with Crossroads rather than them having to re-do the whole scene/part again if someone had made a mistake a’la Amy Turtle style?

We could not do the scene again once we started recording so there was no second chance.

The only time we had to improvise was if the episode was running shorter than anticipated and we would be asked to fill in – I spent a lot of time at the ends of episodes talking to imaginary guests on the ‘phone!

There was, however, one stage direction that had to be changed, due to the sheer impossibility of performing what was required – the script read “Adam raises a third eyebrow”!

Do you feel you’ve been typecast as a villain because of Adam Chance?

To some extent yes, although I have played a wide range of roles since Adam including Tevye in “Fiddler on the Roof“, Von Trapp in “Sound of Music“, Higgins in “My Fair Lady” none of whom are exactly villainous. In pantomime, however, I am usually cast as the villain which I love.

Finally, do you have any message for your fans who will be reading this interview?

Thank you all for the loyal support you are still showing to “Crossroads”. My time in both shows was very special. It gave me the chance to work with some wonderful actors and actresses. The show always had a great family feeling and there was a huge gap in my life when the show ended. I, like the fans, miss it greatly.

Interview conducted by Tony Wilson for the Crossroads Fan Club, 2004