Roy Boyd dies aged 85

Victor Winding as Vic Lee and Roy Boyd as brother Eddie

The actor also appeared in Emmerdale, The Wicker Man and Doctor Who.

Posting a tribute on the Fan Club’s social media, Angela Webb – who played troubled Iris Scott in Crossroads said, “Lovely Roy, gone but never forgottenAngela also posted the order of service from Roy’s funeral which was held last month.

Roy played Eddie Lee, in the Kings Oak based saga, brother of Victor (Victor Winding) and both vied for the attention of sultry Sharon Metcalfe (Carolyn Jones). Boyd first appeared as Eddie in 1980 and remained as a semi-regular making several stint appearances up until 1983. The character was portrayed as a cockey sort, confident and keen to get his own way. Eddie was, of course, of a dubious background and his introduction story saw him on the run having been accused of a murder he hadn’t committed. Victor his brother ran the Go-Col owned Crossroads Garage which led Eddie to Kings Oak and the motel.

Carolyn Jones as Sharon Metcalf and Roy as Eddie

The Central Television synopsis for Eddie notes “The younger brother of Victor Lee, craggy-faced Eddie has spent most of his life dabbling in crime. Mostly petty theft.” Eddie was given a job at the garage as a mechanic while he hoped the police would find the real murderer. Ever keen to help a fallen fella Barbara Brady (Sue Lloyd) let Eddie stay at The Coach House with her in Woodbury, even championing his innocence by offering to write a book about the case, until finally his innocence was confirmed and his first stint in the saga was competed.

Other roles included Broome in 1973’s The Wicker Man, Driscoll in the 1976 story ‘The Hand of Fear’ in Doctor Who and a long stint in Emmerdale Farm as Dryden Hogben in 1974. Other appearances include shows such as Minder, Secret Army, The Sweeney and more recently New Tricks.

Roy as Eddie in 1982

Roy James Boyd was born on the 18th of August 1938 in Croydon, Surrey. He passed away aged 85 on April 27th 2024. His funeral was held at North East Surrey Crematorium on May 22nd.

Roy was married to Fatma Zohra Sadou, they have three children.

In other motel-related news Marcia Forsyth-Grant passed away on Friday 8th December 2023 at Fairhaven Nursing Home, Ryde. Marcia along with Chris Klaizeweiz were the team behind a proposed movie of Crossroads in 1991. The project however was halted following the death of Ronald Allen, and it never resumed.

Marcia’s Funeral Service was held on Friday 26th January 2024 at the Isle of Wight Crematorium.

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