Photographs from Crossroads across the seventies.

Meg Mortimer (Noele Gordon) in 1977

Roger Tonge as Sandy Richardson, 1971

Jill and Stan Harvey (Jane Rossington and Ed Clayton)

Ann George as Amy Turtle

Cleo Sylvestre and Susan Hanson as Melanie and Diane, 1970

Ronald Allen as David Hunter, 1971

Cynthia (Jean Bayless) and Norman Cunningham (Edward Phillips)

Jane Rossington as Jill Harvey

Diane Keen as Sandra, Carl Wayne as Colin and Ann George as Amy, 1970

A tea break for Noele Gordon

Meg (Noele Gordon), Jill (Jane Rossington) and Sandy (Roger Tonge), 1979

Roger Tonge as Sandy Richardson

Chef Bernard Booth (David Lawton) 1970

Doris (Kathy Staff) pops in to see Harry (Sion Probert) and Eira Turvey (Myfanwy Talog), 1978

Gossip overload in the reception for Amy Turtle

Zeph Gladstone as hairdresser Vera Downend

Frank Walton (Sam Kydd), Jim Baines (John Forgeham) and Stan Harvey (Ed Clayton) in garage talk

Trevor Bannister played twins Ken and Keith Willetts

Noele Gordon as Meg and Ronald Allen as David, 1972

Cast shot from 1978
Cast including Ed Clayton, Sonia Fox, Jane Rossington and Albert Shepherd at the rehearsal rooms, 1972

Some of the cast at the launch party at ATV Centre for the 1500 Episodes special TV Times magazine

Johnny Briggs as taxi boss, casino investor and former motel waiter Clifford Layton

Kathy Staff as Doris Luke, 1979

Benny Hawkins (Paul Henry) 1975

Rachel Fisher (Elizabeth Morgan) and Trevor Wood (Barry Evans)

Lindsey Armstrong as Kathie Lamb

Carl Andrews as Joe McDonald, 1978

Amy (Ann George), Don (Albert Shepherd), Cynthia (Jean Bayless) and Sandy (Roger Tonge)

Rosemary (Janet Hargreaves) and David Hunter (Ronald Allen)

Sheila (Sonia Fox) Wilf (Morris Parsons) and Stan Harvey (Edward Clayton)

John Bentley as Hugh Mortimer, 1974

Duke of Edinburgh meets Jane Rossington and Reg Watson

Sandy Richardson and Don Rogers have a ponder, 1974

Benny (Paul Henry) and Meg (Noele Gordon

Marilyn Hope (Nadine Hanwell) and Brian Jarvis (David Fennell)

Bernard (David Lawton), Tish (Joy Andrews) are held at gunpoint by Harry (Stan Stennett), 1970
Gretchen Franklin as Myrtle Cavendish, later Harvey

William Avenell, Joy Andrews and David Lawton at the 1500 episode TV Times magazine launch

Ed Lawton (Thomas Heathcote) with niece Diane Parker (Susan Hanson)

Diane (Susan Hanson), Amy (Ann George) and Vera (Zeph Gladstone)

Jane Smith (Sally Adcock) and Sandy Richardson (Roger Tonge), 1974
Larry Grayson spins a yarn to Amy (Ann George) and Meg (Noele Gordon), 1972

Morris Parsons as Wilf Harvey

Cast photograph to mark ten years, 1974