A look through some of the photography from Crossroads, 1964 – 1969.

The first photograph of the Crossroads cast, October 1964

Jane Rossington as Jill, Noele Gordon as Meg and Roger Tonge as Alexander ‘Sandy’ Richardson

John Bentley as Hugh Mortimer

Reg Watson and Noele Gordon on the set of Crossroads

Dick and Brian Jarvis with Ruth Bailey

Chef Carlos with Meg

Brian and Janice Jarvis
Cleo Sylvestre arrives as Megs adopted daughter Melanie in 1969

John Hamill as Dave Cartwright and Tony Morton as Carlos the chef

New Years’ Eve 1968

Floor manager George Gerwitz with Noele Gordon and director Tim Jones

Night and Day Car Hire, Janice Gifford and John King

Director, Alan Coleman, producer Reg Watson, Director Tim Jones

Roger Tonge as Sandy records scenes in Paris, 1965

Rev. Peter with wife Marilyn Hope

Noele as Meg with David Fennel as nephew Brian Jarvis

Beryl Johnstone as Kitty Jarvis

Stephen Rea as chef Pepé Costa

Sue Nicholls as Marilyn Gates gives the gossip to chef Carlos Raphael, Tony Morton

Malcolm Young as Philip Winter

The staff plan a working holiday

Noele Gordon and Sue Nicholls in Tunisia, 1967

Lew Luton and Noele Gordon record a scene in Tunisia

Marilyn and Carlos have a differing view in Tunisia

Elisabeth Croft as Edith Tatum

Jane Rossington as Jill Richardson

Diane Grayson as Penny, Vincent Ball as Kevin and Susan Hanson as Diane

Director Alan Coleman rehearses a scene with Noele Gordon and John Bentley

Pamela Greenall as Ruth Bailey

Peter Ling and Noele Gordon

David Fennel as Brian Jarvis

Christine Fuller, Alex Marshall, and Ralph Palmer, Norman Jones

Carolyn Lyster as Janice Gifford

David Jason as Bernie Kilroy

Sue Nicholls as Marilyn Gates

Ken Dodd with Noele Gordon as Meg

Daphne Foreman as Kate Warboys
Jack Hayes as Enoch Jarvis

David Davenport as Malcolm Ryder with wife Meg

Sisters, Meg and Kitty, Noele Gordon and Beryl Johnstone

Noele Gordon as Meg Richardson

Cast and crew on the roof of Bradford House, rehearsal rooms, 1969