Misc Character – Actor
ATV Presenter Godfrey Winn (Interviews Meg about the motel, Aug 10th 1965. Returns for 1500 episode 1971.) Aupair Girl (1965) – Barbara Hocknell
Radio Presenter – Ed Doolan (audio only, two episodes) Radio News  Announcer  –  Stuart  White  (audio  only,  one episode, 1981)
1st Leathercoat (1964) – Grahame Weston Police Inspector (1965) – Ray Passingham
2nd Leathercoat (1964) – Lewis Teasdale Police Officer (1965) – Roger Worrod
Magistrate – Edward Burnham “Dawn” (waitress) – Annette Badland
Magistrate – Fred McNaughton “Robert” – Lewis Wilson
“Tania” – Gillian McCutcheon “Eddy” – Anthony Boden
“Rosie” – Margaret Gillmore Parker Plumber (1965) – Graham Long
Droitwich Hotel Waiter “Freddrick” – Bob Needham Military Policeman (1964) – Michael Cooke
Prosecuting Officer (1965) – Allen Weston Vet (1965) – Hamen Roughhead
Stage Manager – Liz Stern (playing herself in 1967 episode) Motel   Guest   –   Joan   Gordon   (First   guest   seen   at   the   motel   in 1964. Mother of Noele)
Motel Guest – Bob Monkhouse (Comedian) Motel Guest – Ken Dodd (Comedian)
Motel Guest – John Nathan-Turner Motel Guest – Geoff Farnall (regular extra, 1964-1988)
Motel Guest and ‘Best Man’ at Kevin/Glenda’s wedding  – Bill Buckley (Presenter) June   Farnall   (regular   extra,   1964-1988.   Wife of fellow extra Geoff)
Motel Guest – Larry Grayson (comedian) Motel Guest – Arthur Marshall (Call My Bluff star, 1983)
Motel Guest Dolly Allen (regular extra, local comedian “Hello, my luvvers” ) Motel Guest – Joe Loss (Bandleader)
Motel Guest Lyn Paul (New Seekers singer) Motel Guest – Shaw Taylor (Feb 1965)
Motel Guest – Gordon Astley (ATV presenter / Tiswas host) Motel Guest – Clifford Davis (Presenter)
Motel Guest Chris Tarrant (background walk-on) (ATV News / Tiswas host) Motel Guest – Kevin Clark
Motel Guest – Liz Smith Motel Guest – Les Ross (Radio Presenter, several episodes none-speaking)
Motel Guest – (‘bitchy’) – Valli Kemp (1973/74) Motel Guest – Ron Saunders (football player/manager) (1981)
Motel Guest – Phil Woosnam (Aston Villa player) (1965) Motel Guest – Patricia Smith (wife of actor John Bentley) (none-speaking)
Newspaper Reporter John Jaeger (investigated actress and friend of Tish Hope, Flora De Lisle, (played by Beryl Mason) Pianist – Johnny Patrick (Head of ATV Studio Music)
Pianist – Chester Harriott (1980) Pub Landlord (Kings Oak) – Peter Templar (1973)
President (Army Official) – Arthur Pentelow (1965) Woman Customer (1964) – Muriel Edwards
Lorry Driver – Roger Jones (Feb 1965) Lorry Driver – John Main (Aug 1976)
Train Officer – Warren Clarke (1966) Villager – Keith Jemison-Mills (non-speaking) (several appearances)
Baby Sitter – Laurel Portman-Graham (1974) Mandy Lee (Barmaid) – Mandy Jordan (usually non-speaking)
Pets – 1964 – 2003
“Portia” The Great Dane – Brian Jarvis’ dog  “Jupiter” – Edith Tatum’s dog
“Hercules” – Edith Tatum’s cat “Apollo” – Edith Tatum’s budgie
“Andromeda” – Edith Tatum’s cat “Rex” The Border Collie – Stan Harvey’s dog
“Betty” The Collie – Sam Carne’s dog
“Jasper” The Whippet – Sam Carne’s dog
“Moses” The Border Collie – Benny’s dog “Ebony” The Bulldog – Rocky Wesson’s dog
Starry” The Goat – Benny’s farm animal “Hercules” The dog – ?
“Miss Diane” The Donkey – Benny’s donkey