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We’re looking for information on Gwen Gidley (1980s) or Gillian McCann (1960s) as character/actor details are missing.

If you can help with any information, please do get in touch or if you have details on anyone else we may have missed. You can also leave a message at the bottom of this page.

Information Submitted

With thanks to Paul Kinnear we have the added information that Clare Kelly played Nicola Freeman and Mickey Doyle’s mother in Crossroads, while Denis Holmes played Nicola Freeman’s step-father.

Scott Curtis added the character names of Elieen and George Potter. He also added further information that ‘Nicola Freeman’ was called Suzie Doyle when younger. A neighbour of Lily Boone at the time when the family lived in Harborne in Birmingham. Scott also reminded us that Barbara New played Dot, nicknamed Dotty in the series who was Ivy Meachers sister.

With thanks to Andy Dutton we now know the name of the Welsh family in the series. Andy tells us Sion Probert’s character was Harry Turvey, Eira Turvey was played by Myfanwy Talog and another Welsh actor John Marshall also featured in the family line up. With thanks to Gary Moore more ‘lost information’ is now known. First, we listed that Doreen Keogh was contracted by ATV to appear in 20-30 episodes, but we knew nothing else on her time on the soap. She played newspaper reporter, Mrs Candour. Gary also provided us with information on Kay Patrick who we now know played Jean Peterson in December 1967 and Gillian McCutcheon played a character called Tania in January 1967.

We also have to thank Gary for the Janet Whiteside information, we now know she played the mother of Stevie Harris, Lily. Stevie was one of Meg’s many adopted children. With thanks to ‘Survivor’ we now know that the Granada Archive mislabeled Rosemary Ashley in their picture archive, it was, of course, Rosalie Ashley playing Jane Templeton. He also added Jacqueline Stanbury played Joanne Petersen to the cast list. She starred as a friend of Sandys and later but only for a short time was Megs part-time secretary.

‘Survivor’ also provided details on Monsieur Fabrice a hairdresser played by real-life famous TV stylist Raymond Besson, known as “Teazy Weazy Raymond”. The first name of Raymond was all the Central archive held, the actor’s surname was missing from the list. We also can now thanks to Survivor add that Jack Hayes played Enoch Jarvis (the father of Dick Jarvis) and Colin Sands (the brother of JoAnne Good’s character) was portrayed by Paul Blake.

Mitch also tells us more about the friend of Penny Richardson (Meg’s niece) and her school chum from Kings Oak Shirley Perkins. Shirley was a character in the series from 1966 until 1969. Shirley was Penny’s friend and was then adopted by the Jarvis family after Shirley’s dad became a drunk and her mum (played by Miriam Margolyes) tried to rob the motel. Shirley Perkins later became a nurse after leaving Kings Oak school and nursed Vince the postman through his temporary blindness after Meg’s car accident. Vince dumped Shirley for Diane when he recovered. Shirley went off with the local antique dealer (Marcus who had been dating Diane!) and was seen only one or two more times after that in guest spots in the early 1970s.

She was played by Jacqueline Holborough who is now a playwright. With thanks to John Drury John Challis was discovered to have played a photographer of dubious status, Jim Wright in 1971.

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