Crossroads’ Simon Albu dies

Simon, a senior broadcast cameraman at ATV and Central Television, became part of Crossroads’ story when in 1983 his real-life daughter Emily was to play soap opera’s first test-tube-created-baby following an IVF storyline.

The plot starred Emily’s mother Lynette McMorrough – Glenda Banks in the show – along with actor David Moran who played on-screen hubby Kevin.

Simon, Lynette, Emily and David were thrown into the spotlight due to the ground-breaking nature of the storyline as well as the family connections behind-the-scenes. Several newspapers ran stories and the plot featured on ITV News. While it was a brief public outing for Simon he had long been part of ATV, joining the company in 1973.

He had studied television production at West Surrey college and first worked professionally as a stills photographer for a research lab in the early seventies. Joining ATV at their Birmingham studios Simon worked on many of the programmes made at the centre and remained with the facilities through their change in 1982 into Central Television.

In recent years Simon had a spell with Ideal World television as a Director/Vision Mixer and a successful career as a freelance director, vision mixer and cameraman. Simon passed away unexpectedly on Friday 23rd October from stomach cancer. Emily notes that he ‘was not aware of how unwell he was and neither were we.’

With the ongoing global issues this year, it has also led to the family not being in quite the financial place they’d like to be – the television industry and performing arts hit hard in 2020 – so are fund-raising as Emily explains on Go Fund Me.

“Due   to   Covid-19   I   cannot   give   my   Father   the   funeral   he   deserves.   It   will   be   as   beautiful   as   I   can   make   it   however   there   are   so   many restrictions   especially   with   the   number   of   loved   ones   who   can   attend.   I   know   a   great   number   of   his   friends   and   work   colleagues   would   want to be there and I would want you all there with all my heart.

“With   this   in   mind   we   will   hold   a   small   family   funeral   on   Friday   20th   November   and   my   plan   is   to   hold   a   beautiful   memorial   next   year   when hopefully   the   Virus   will   be   a   distant   memory   and   invite   you   all   to   that   to   celebrate   my   Father’s   life.   We   are   hoping   to   plant   a   tree   for   him with a plaque and possibly a memorial bench in his favourite place…

“Unfortunately   Covid-19   has   effected   my      family,   like   so   many   others,   financially   very   badly.   My   partner   Tom   and   I   work   in   events,   doing children’s   birthday   parties   and   events   such   as   sports   days   and   theatre   working   with   children   with   special   needs.   Sadly   there   is   very   little celebration right now and simply no work for us.”

To support the family at this time please visit the Go Fund Me page. The entire team at the fan club offer our condolences to Emily and the family at this sad time.

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