Reports on cast ‘health issues’

Yesterday there were social media posts concerning one of the members of the Crossroads cast and their wellbeing. While it was, most probably, posted with the best of intentions it was not endorsed or authorised to be released to the public by the family or by the person named.

We have spoken with the family concerned and have, along with ATV, noted there will be no coverage or social media speculation tolerated on any of our sites or platforms we use; and we urge anyone to wait for a full and proper statement – if indeed that is needed – as and when the family feels it is required.

It is not only a personal privacy breach, it is unfortunate that what should be a family matter has been attempted to be made public.

We have removed the comments from our social media, and we would urge anyone with the same decency to do the same.

The Crossroads Fan Club Team

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