The Nottingham site, once home to Central Television has been repurposed as a vaccination centre.

The former East Midlands Television Centre, once home to Central Television and Carlton Studios, has become one of the major Coronavirus vaccination centres.

“The biggest day we had here was 1,950 vaccines administered in one day, which was an amazing achievement. On average during a weekday we get around 1,000 people through here so it is busy.” – Senior operations manager at the site Tom Evans speaking to the Nottingham Post

The studios, designed originally for ATV Midlands, were opened for Central Television by Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, on 2 March 1984.

The Nottingham site, on Lenton Lane, was host to many of ITV’s top shows including The Price Is Right, Family Fortunes, The Upper Hand, CITV, Blockbusters, Barbara, Boon and the revival of Crossroads.

ITV vacated the facilities in the mid-00s, with the centre becoming part of the University of Nottingham. Now the still operational Studio 7 has gone from entertaining to saving lives.

NHS partners, the University and local authorities across the healthcare system have been working together to operate the local vaccination service at the former Central Studios now known as the King’s Meadow Campus.

“It really is a community pulling together to help get as many administered as possible.” – Senior operations manager at the site Tom Evans speaking to the Nottingham Post

Reported by ATV Today on January 17th. | Reported by Nottingham Post on February 11th.

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  1. Did anyone else spot CINDY MARSHALL DAY in The Price Is Right picture? She was the fabulously glam/camp/distressed/lusty Tracey Booth in Crossroads II/III.

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